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I am calling my challenge the "Just One" Challenge. Meaning that after lunch I will have just one square of dark chocolate, and after dinner I will have just one dark chocolate truffle.

Day 1 - 3/29 Just one
Day 2 - 3/30 Just one - turned down DH's well-meaning idea to go get ice cream and told him about the challenge. He immediately said he would support me in beating the challenge. First small victory!
Day 3 - 3/31 Just one - As proof that one good habit naturally begets others, chose a side salad with dinner rather than the chips. Small changes will make a difference for me.
Day 4 - 4/01 Just one. Thank you for your encouragement, Diana. What I appreciate about this challenge is that it is not about a number on the scale. I do not want my mood or self worth to be determined by daily weight fluctuations. Instead, I just want to feel good, be able to fit into my clothes, and establish better daily choices. This challenge is pushing me do that.
4/02 PAUSE. I should not have underestimated how challenging this would be. I have forged a strong association between lentil soup and peanut butter. Weird, I know. But I had lentil soup and out came the peanut butter.
Day 5 - 4/03 Just one. Picking myself up from my stumble and making a better choice today.
Day 6 - 4/04 Just one. Velvet Bean, "Even God took a day off" is my new mantra!
Day 7 - 4/05 Just one. "Just one" could be any sweet, not just dark chocolate, as long as it is the only one sweet after lunch and after dinner. Today I did not feel good about my choice of sweet, but I did keep it to just one, which in my world is still a victory.

Day 8 - 4/06 Just one. Again, it is ironic that I succeeded in my challenge today with "just one" slice of chocolate cake after lunch and "just one" doughnut after dinner. But based on how I was eating before I started the challenge, this is actually progress. Trying to appreciate the positives instead of flogging myself for the negatives, and appreciating the support on this thread. Diana and other new friends, go go go!
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