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Originally Posted by Billy7613 View Post
I hadn't felt Wierd, hungry, or anything. I followed the protocol and like the other diets, no loss. Stupid scale. I am going to keep going because I know it is physically impossible not to lose weight as it is so low cal. I have started journaling my food to make sure I am not taking in too many calories or carbs. This is what I normally have been eating:
Morning: choc shake- Proti-diet
Mid morning- snack 1 cup cucumbers with white vinegar with dill
Lunch-Proti diet chicken noodle soup. 1-2 cups lettuce salad with mushrooms, green peppers, vinegar and 2 tsps olive oil, lemon juice
Dinner- chicken breast and 2 cups of broccoli
I drink some coffee with a little skim, but the rest is water all day.
I don't have a IP coach. I have been using the most current Phase 1 sheet. Here is my summary from yesterday:
Fat 38% carb 19% protein 43%
Any suggestions would be great!
Billy - first of all, I commend your stick-with-it attitude! Second, since I promised you that you the scale would go down today I guess I have to eat my words. (But there might be carbs in words, so I will have some crow instead.)

In addition the great suggestions others have made here, I have to ask if you are taking the recommended vitamins/supplements on the P1 sheet? You DO need a multi-vitamin (because this diet is severely lacking), calcium/magnesium (the magnesium will help you from getting constipated - speaking of which, are you having regular BMs? If you're backed up the scale can be up several pounds!), and the potassium (to prevent muscle cramps.)

I would also recommend the omega-3s as suggested on the sheet. I found on the weeks I didn't take them my losses were slower, but my evidence is purely anecdotal.
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