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It's a cliche, but nonetheless true: Losing weight (and eventually maintaining it) is about persistence, not perfection. In fact, I often try to think of episodes like the one you described as opportunities to think about how I might have reacted to such circumstances in past [failed] attempts and think about how I will react to them now: Will I use it as an excuse to overeat even more? (You didn't do that, so kudos!) Will I label myself a failure over that one incident? I try to put it in perspective, thinking about the fact that I will need to keep this weight off for the rest of my life, and I know that I will overeat again in my life, so what can I learn from it? In your case, if it's not a habit, then shrug it off. If you are consistently ravenous when you get home from work, have a game plan---e.g., have a snack planned or some routine (a short nap) that will take you out of that desperate mode of "I must have food now."
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