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Jane - That is amazing!

Betsy - Thanks for the pep talk

Sam - You are doing so fabulously

Fi - you are such a good story teller, and what a good story Yeah for freedom from the cookies!)

I'm kinda meh, still grumpy, had a not so fun phonecall yesterday about my bloodwork, so I have to go in for more glucose testing. Boo! I don't really want a diabetes diagnosis as my 35th birthday present thanks :-| hopefully my glucose tolerance is okay enough that I don't need to go on meds.

But I ran through the whole range of emotions, I was mad at myself, but mad at the universe too because of course its now that I have been (despite my negative attitude) really trying to live a healthier life the past while so I was frustrated that its so not paying off.

And then wondering if I'm a fraudster, all my losses lately, the accolates for looking good from people, but maybe the weight lost HASN'T been for healthy reasons, I know weight loss can be a symptom of diabetes so it made me feel like maybe I'm a fake and a fraud and that even though I've been TRYING. I know I haven't been perfect and maybe all the weight I've lost since january isn't really because of the stubborn effort I've put in maybe its just my body being defunct. So I barely ate.

My hemaglobin levels are also low so I forced down a chicken breast and spinach salad for supper... I still had some wine when I went out (1 serving)... then drank water the rest of the night. Meeting up with friends for brunch (my idea actually) I'll make the best choices I can with our limited menu options. Anyhow sorry for being such a debbie downer lately, if my iron levels ARE truely low, i hope that's the explanation for my tiredness lately... I find that easier to fix (just eating more greens...which have been lacking the past couple of weeks) than if high blood sugars have been the tiredness trigger. Hopefully a spinach salad a day keeps the doctor happy :-|
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