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Pixikat.. I am sorry that that scooch fairy visited you.. Now you need her sister.. Woosh! She is visiting you very soon I bet

Lulu... I know what you mean by eating FAST... I too grew up that way (especially when it came to French Fries in our house) You eat what you like fast ...... then you overeat as your brain has not had time to catch up to your tummy... Don't I know that too!... The old adage... chew food 30 times before swallowing... Well I will add an extra 3 or 4 to my 5 bites ! LOL well maybe more

Carol... you can use whatever goal you want. Sometimes it is nice to have a lofty goal (that might not be reachable) and sometimes an easy goal that is too easy to reach and we would need more push... Its just hard to pick sometimes... I participated in challenges before where people had 2 goals.. 1 goal and 1 Awesome goal (kinda like shooting for the possible stars).. We all have a number in our head and kinda know what are bodies are capable of... We just have to remember that we are forgiven for not reaching and cheered when we do reach it! (PS I believe in the 219 for you! OH YES!)

SW 235 2/14
2/15 233.8 (-1.2 ) and drank my water!.
2/16 233.2 (-1.8 total) and drank 1/2 of my water boooo
2/17 233.0 (-2.0 total) and drank my water!
2/18 234.6 (-0.4 total) and drank my water... sigh
2/19 234.2 (-0.8 total) and drank 1/2 of my water Boo
2/26 236.2 (+1.2 total) not counting the water right at this moment
2/27 236.4 (+1.4 total) grrrrrrrrrrrr
2/28 234.6 (-0.4 total) OKAy back in the down down down category! MORE tomorrow!
3/1 233.8 (-1.2 total) whew... and I was 232.8 after my walk too WOOHOO Time for the downdowndown Lulu Dance!
3/2 233.0 (-2.0 total) Woohoo.. back to my lowest.. Now to get rid of MORE!
3/3 232.6 (-2.4 total) YaHOOO ok found the "2"'s now need to find the "1"!
3/4 233.4 (-1.6 total) boooo and shoot!
3/5 233.2 (-1.8 total) wow.. shed .2 oz wow (underwhelmed here)
3/12 234.8 (-.2 total) Okay finally on the good side of the accounting sheet.. now to get MOVING!
3/13 232.8 (-2.2 total) Hooray...the Whoosh Fairy is blessing me this morning. May she be at my side for a few more days!
3/14 232.0 (-3.0 total)
3/15 229.8 (-5.2 total) HOORAY!
3/16 & 3/17 229.8 (-5.2 total) stayed the same.. tho I should have lost as I walked 6 miles yesterday and mulched and weeded and ate on plan... so expecting something lower soon!
3/18 230.00 (-5.0 total) Shoot, I should be inching down not up. Oh well.. the body has other plans! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
3/19 229.8 (-5.2 total) well back to that number again LOL .. tho my skin is getting loser too.. so in line for a lower number SOON!
3/20 230.8 (-4.2 total) BOO! work stress is making me hold water.. I ate well and under 1400 cal.. so no other reason. eh...Waiting for the weekend!
3/21 231.0 (-4.0 total) cr*p! well.. it is stress.. I know that...can't wait to relax alittle over the weekend and lose this water and MORE!
3/22 229.8 (-5.2) Back in my (I wish ) I should say THE 20's LOLOLOL
3/23 229.8 (-5.2 total) Oh well... all my work and walking on the weekend and ZIP - such is life.... Onward!
3/24 229.6 (-5.4 total) Well WOOHOO - .2
3/25 230.6 (-4.4 total) GRRRRRRRRRRR
3/27 232.8 (-2.2 total) sigh.. For accounting purposes I posted.. but NOT happy!
3/29 231.6 (-3.4 total) okay.. (yesterday I was 234 EYK!) lost some water and the stressful week is done. Next week has a rotten icky file waiting on my.. but only have to do my job and not the other persons job. whew! 220's I am coming to get you again and then hanging onto you!
3/31 232.2 (-2.8 total) had 1 bad meal... Feet are swollen - so lots of extra water!
4/1 231.4 (-3.4 total) slowly getting rid of the water.. Feet are not as swollen and I feel the Woosh Week a coming!
4/2 229.4 (-5.4 total) Hooray... Is it whoosh week??? or is my body just tired of that extra water? either way.. HAPPY CHICK here!
4/4 230.4 (-4.4 total) booooo salty salad from Wednesday night.. (shoot I was 232.4 yesterday) LORD help me!
4/5 229.8 (-5.0 total) and 228.8 after my walk.. oooo to be lower so that the 230's WILL BE IN MY REAR VIEW MIRROR! lol
GW 221

2013 weight loss journey start 320 Loss 111 = 209
New Goal (2017 313.4 start) Lose 10%

You have to believe it first and then you will see it!!

1 for every 10 lbs lost

to Rauros Falls 1309 miles
traveled: 1065.25 (exercise miles only) started 3/1/13
Remaining: 243.75 - Rauros Falls!

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