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Wannabee - loved your joke about the shrunk jeans and the laundry soap!! So had to post again. Good point about the diabetic neighbor. I'm diabetic also but I can always seem to rationalize why eve eating is ok for me. Actually I'm suppose to have one snack in the evening per my diabetic dietician but I tend to get carried away. And I do want to keep my toes, feet and all Wish I'd cleaned house ...I haven't cleaned all week other than a few basic tasks. We've been running around or else I've had stuff to do online. The sun shining in shows up all the dirt..esp the dirty windows!

Lucinda - How many children do you have? I didn't realize you had such young ones...I was thinking teens.

I got some clothes I ordered online...they fit but don't look good on I'm sending them back. Dh hates when I do that, even though he orders by mail and sometimes has to do it too, not as often though as with my orders. At least I didn't pay shipping the first time and shipping back is free but they will probably subtract the return shipping cost from my refund.
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