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Hey I went scrolling through the Maintainers thread to find some guidance for Maintenance eating and here are some morsels I found ; yeahhh I haven't found daily what they are eating yet but will keep looking. I also went through 8 pages of one of the "what are you eating peeps" all P1 . I'm not giving up though. For now hopefully the below will be informative to someone. I thought it was wonderful.
Originally Posted by sunnymae View Post
Good morning Ladies
I wrote a long post the other day that got deleted and was too lazy to repeat myself, so I'll chime in today for post thanksgiving :0)
I've been loving reading all the post on this thread and to this day comforted and encouraged by all of you.
I've been on a very slow reboot with 11lbs to go. I was up 16lbs when I started.I'm finally starting to see the old new me again, which is rewarding.
I agree with the gals who have been finding that most carbs are just not right for their bodies. Whether GF breads, even good grains or body does not move those foods thru my body and I always gain from them.
This reboot has been an opportunity to redefine and customize my maintenance program.
Last time, I was so paranoid about not following IP to the letter with the big breakfasts and carbs at night, etc., that I disregarded my bodies personal messages to Me!
So, this time I am listening and I know I will be fine from here on in with diligence of course.
I'm forever grateful for this group and all of our combined wisdom and experience.
QUOTE=EPAPRN;4894205]Sarita: maintenance was explained to me as P3, but add one serving of fat with lunch (tuna with real mayo on a salad or chicken Caesar salad with real dressing and/or cheese, no croutons), and add one serving of carbs to dinner (1/2c brown rice or quinoa, 1/2 sweet potato, fruit or a slice of whole grain bread). Snacks can be cheese sticks, nuts, a piece of fruit, or a packet/shake of your choice.[/QUOTE]
I've been thinking about this a lot -- what information to give someone still in P1 that might help in maintenance, so, thanks for asking.

I think the biggest thing, is that your p1 lunch and dinner is going to become the main ingredients of your p4 lunch and dinner. So use p1 to learn both quick things to throw together and tasty things you enjoy when it comes to preparing salads, meats and vegetables. Then with p4, you are going to "enhance" lunch with a broader range of vegetables and some fat--like cheese or nuts or mayonnaise or unsweetened coconut, and your are going to "enhance" dinner with a broader range of vegetables, and perhaps a serving(!) of potato or pasta or rise or quinoa and/or fruit.

You want the mindset that things you know aren't particularly healthy--cake, ice cream, chips, etc--are only to be eaten on your fun day except for the rarest of exceptions. And if you slip, you get right back on track with the very next meal.

Plus, you'll want to think about whether you are going to keep artificial sweeteners part of your diet or not and how or if you want to transition from the IP/alternative products you have been using.

Once you move along in that direction for awhile, then you experiment with what is OK for a snack--what are still trigger foods? can you handle popcorn? a glass of wine? cheese? nuts? chocolate?

It is still going to take focus to maintain. The diet is never really "over"; it is the unbalanced diet part that has the beginning, middle and end. Maintenance is less socially isolating, but you still only have one day a week where you don't have to pay attention to what you put in your mouth (well, sort of. Because some of what you eat can make you feel sick, so you think twice.) So the "tricks" you learn in p1 for social situations--drink sparkling water with lime, it's about socializing not necessarily eating, eat before the event if appropriate--are sometimes going to be used in p4 as well.

Hopefully, you will become a big breakfast eater and enjoy the p3 breakfasts that carry over into p4. It gives you real food -- fruit! oatmeal! toast! yoghurt! -- to look forward to every day, and often keeps you full until lunch.

Last thing, start thinking about exercise if you haven't already. You'll need to think of something or a variety of somethings that you are willing to do most days (5 out of 7). You can try stuff on P1 if you keep the pace moderate to slow. Check out weight training, zumba, Les Mills, spinning, even walking or at least be thinking about the things you're going to try once you are close to or at your goal.

Read the Maintenance threads and find all of Maile's quotes and book recommendations. You'll also find some back-and-forth on meal frameworks, snack ideas, how much people do/don't exercise, vacation victories, and "stuff".

Keep pursuing your goal. You'll be a maintenance pro before you know it.

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself a maintenance pro.
This is the 3rd time I've lost over 50 lbs. P4 so far seems to be the most liveable maintenance. I have made it to the 1 year mark at least twice before (I think), so I'm shooting for the 2 year mark as my next goal. I'm currently at over 13 months (at lowest maintained weight ever!).QUOTE=EPAPRN;4894205


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