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Thanks for starting the thread, Judy.

Carol, hope you're loving it.

Heather, dear, are you lurking about somewhere?

Hello, Deb, anyone I missed.

Things here are okay. Had a lovely, lovely day weather-wise. Got in a nice walk at the state park. I love that I can do a full half hour (plus a little) now and keep the pace pretty lively.

So, I managed to keep to my 30-day plan with just that one day when I lost it. Didn't touch my weekly points for 30+ days. Lost about 5 pounds that are "real loss," as far as I can tell. Right now I'm in this phase where my weight stays high because TOM keeps starting and stopping. If this ever finishes, I might get another whoosh, but right now it's very hard to tell whether the last 30 days worth of work have paid off or how well.

But I'm trying to pretend I don't know all that. Everything is going well! I'm on track, doing good things for my health.

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