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SouthernMaven Hello there I remember you from the IE thread. I haven't been there in a while, however, I just may be back over there in the near future.

I had a terrible time with my stomach last night. Fiber is in a lot more foods that I eat than I thought. I researched Indigestion which led me to heartburn and GERD. However, I don't think I really have either. I think 1) I went too fast with the fiber and 2) when I went to Atkins and 6 smaller meals, I made myself eat to get the calories in and I overloaded my tummy. Everything read said to eat fiber to ease digestive problems. Then I saw an interesting article on about how Atkins lowers the risk of heart disease and read a review on Atkins way of eating.

I have both the old and new Atkins books and I am reading The New Atkins for a New You book again. Haven't gotten very far because I am mostly relaxing and taking it easy today giving my tummy time to heal.

Steelslady I thought of you when I read in the new book that Atkins is really eating high protein and higher fiber low carb veggies. I think I remember you saying that you eat high protein/high fiber.

I had such a problem yesterday with just getting my calories about 1000 that I overate and I know that is why I suffered so. It was 4 am before I was eased enough to lie down in bed to sleep. So you can imagine how I was pleased to see in the new book that while they recommend 4 or 5 small meals, they also allow you to eat less often. They have a few rules that sound more like Intuitive Eating because they suggest eating only when you are hungry and to eat as much as it takes to satisfy you and the biggie for is they recommend that you not go more than 5 or 6 hrs without eating something. This is good for me because when I did IE (my favorite way of eating) there were days that I could eat as soon as I got up and maybe eat up to 5 or 6 meals, however, there were a lot of days that I just didn't get hungry and might only eat a couple of meals. It will be nice to be on a plan that allows me to go longer without food when I'm not hungry. I know I've discussed this with my doctor and he agrees that I should not eat if I'm not hungry. Most diets don't allow me this option. So I really believe when my tummy is better that I'm going to really enjoy doing this. I'll still get the fiber I need. One nice thing about working the Atkins plan is that I will learn my low carb fiber limit that my body can handle and I still lose weight.

Fiber is only around 8 to 12 g a day right now, but that is only for a few weeks and then I will begin raising it a little at a time. I'll do it right this time. Oh, my fasting blood sugar was 121 mg this morning. The lowest it has been in about 6 or 7 yrs.

Thanks for being here chickies.
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