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Hey all. Great to see all these delish looking bfasts. I always do a half of an English muffin, a tbsp of PB, 1/2 c. of greek yogurt, a few almonds, 1 c. of blueberries, and a string cheese. I love the big bfasts. In fact, I miss them terribly when on phase 1 which I am today.

Last week, I had a major cold, then my mom and her friend were in town from Wed until Sun and TOM arrived yesterday. It has been a heckofa week. I was pretty good when she was here but thought I would do a day or two of phase 1 to ensure I am still where I want to be.

Here's a biggie...I am quitting smoking which is huge! The last time I tried, I lasted two months and put on almost 20...which is where my real weight gain battle started so you can imagine that this is very anxiety provoking for me! Day two and I feel great but you could say I am scared. Anyone else kicked this nasty habit???? I may be on phase 1 more than usual to just really make sure that I don't gain. So nervous but I figured that after a year and a half of maintenance (minus a reboot) that I had enough of a grip on things. My husband and I are just really living a new lifestyle and how can I be healthy when I smoke????

Hope you all are well.
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