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I can do it!!!
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Talking I have more energy!!!

Howdy Folks! I am happy to report that, after about a week on the new thyroid medication (Synthroid), I can feel a definite difference in my energy level. I haven't weighed myself yet because I went off plan over the weekend, but I am hoping that regulating my thyroid will help me to get my weight under control, too, eventually. Finally, yesterday, we had a beautiful warm day here in Ohio. Today, it is absolutely gorgeous and even warmer! We were actually supposed to get our pool opened up today, but the pool guy said we appear to have a leak in our brand new pool. I think it's been there since the pool was installed late last year. I am NOT a happy camper about that. What a hassle!!! I just hope they will get it up and running soon, so we can enjoy spending lots of time in it this spring and summer. It's heated, so we SHOULD be able to use it spring to fall. It will be such great exercise for me and my (handicapped) daughter...... and our whole family ~ IF it ever gets done properly!!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGH!!!!!!!

Fi: Happy to hear that you are catching up on some much-needed sleep and that you took a walk around your neighborhood last Friday! I can't wait to get out and walk with my pups this year!!! My plantar fasciitis is still giving me problems, but I am going to push through the pain to get in some good walks in our neighborhood, too. They absolutely LOVE going for walks. In fact, we have to spell the word around here or they start freaking out until we go! Love 'em to pieces!!! Glad you are also enjoying having your niece and grand-nephew living close by.

ohiofreespirit: You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!! You can do this!!! Keep your focus on the POSITIVE!!!
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