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Just referring back to what Locke said about "my body wants candy". It may be but i don't think it means your body needs candy. I've come to the conclusion that that feeling of "my body wants candy" when i'm craving it, means that my seratonin levels are low or that there is some other hormonal disturbance e.g. leptin, reason for it.

I came to this conclusion firstly by observation of my own experience, though at that point i wasn't saying "my seratonin levels are low", I was aware that it was connected to something to do with my mood or if it was at the end of a diet and i'd lost a lot of weight, that this may be a trigger.

It was only on reading the articles on nutrition wonderland that i began to see how it could indeed been seratonin and my intuition about my mood was correct. and also the other thing about my weight and leptin.

Either way, a craving is some sort of body out of whack message but it does not mean the body needs sugar. So if you give in, there's no reason to think you are doing your body a service. But i'm not saying you must not give in. There is nothing wrong with a little sugar. But for me, it tends to lead to a binge so its best to avoid it if i can.

The leptin craving is the hardest one to resist i have found. Of course i didn't know it was leptin at the time but now that i've read about leptin on nutrition wonderland, i can see that it was leptin and i understand why the craving persisted for so long. I mean days and days but coming and going. At that time, luckily i was fairly unable to go and buy some junk but i was making dumplings boiled in milk with sultanas in order to satisfy that craving. At least it wasn't' causing me to put on a lot of weight right away. I could go back back to controlling my food and eating well but eventually on returning home and stopping my journey which was cycle trip, i certainly did gradually start eating more and more.

None of this is about wannabe's post. It is just addressed to what locke said. I was going to reply to OP but i've taken up my energy on this now and need to go do something else.
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