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Starting over sucks.
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This woman has a huge defense wall built up, and each brick is made of negativity and self doubt. I could have been this woman, the negative self talk sounds so familiar. BUT, she's trying. Just by being at the meeting, she's trying. The words she's saying are only to protect her from disappointment. Inside, I very much guarantee that she's desperate to make goal and maintain.

If you can approach your interactions from a place of understanding the fear, it might make it easier (I'm sure you had that fear, but the vibe I get from you & your posts tells me that you weren't as aggressive or as negative as I was and this woman sounds - I could be wrong though). Don't focus on beginnings or endings with her. Focus on the progress, and applaud what she manages to do, even if it's just showing up. Yes, she'll probably shoot it down, but she appreciates it more than she lets on.

And you can't save the world. You can just tug on the rope with everyone else. Most of the time you'll be tugging harder, but it's worth the pull.

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