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Default Warning - loads of words ahead!

ĎRestrictioní, to my ear, sounds severe, negative, possibly punitive and slightly technical. It doesnít sound as though itís related to the whole person or even, perhaps, that itís in the personís overall best interests.

I may hear this because:

American English uses words which are rather formal (and slightly old-fashioned) to the British ear Ė as well as all those wonderful casual and slangy words
I came to 3FC through the Lifting part of the site which has a positive, ďthis is what you Ė yes, you - can doĒ vibe to it (or it certainly did when I used to go there a lot)
Iíve never gone in for calorie counting in a big way so I donít adjust numbers in the way that Ďrestrictioní might imply.

I think the word is in more common usage on the Maintainers boards than it was. Iím not so certain about elsewhere because I donít spend very much time anywhere else apart from the Beck board (and the usage is not in evidence there Ė although Iíve seen it once in the last few days). This apparently common usage may be because:

I wasnít paying attention earlier on and itís actually been around for ages
It may have become a buzz word
There are more people who count things in the Maintainers group
People in the Maintainers group are feeling more negative, punitive and so on
Food is more abundant in peopleís lives than it was (real or apparent) and they have to draw a line against it.

, thank you for asking about my work. Iím not very good at the elevator speech because I work across different areas. I specialise in, letís call it, artisanal research and writing of the social, political and economic kind. The main focus of large, serious contracts seems to move on every five years or so. It used to be maritime affairs and now itís visual impairment. Iím also working quite hard on rendering Italian political text and Spanish gastronomy text into English (and other languages). And, since Christmas, Iíve also done bits on Canadian and US health and wellness statistics, and foreign libel cases, and vintage.

Phew, I didnít think Iíd been very busy but it does look a lot when written down!

Thanks, everyone who got to the end of all this verbiage. Letís all have a piece of fruit or some vegetables.
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