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Losing Again!
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As you transended from plus size to regular size did you experience any suprises, disappointments, frustrations?
I'm making this transition now. I was certainly surprised in October when a saleslady in Ann Taylor encouraged me to try on a size 16 dress-and it fit!
Like others have said, it's been disappointing saying goodbye to some of my favorite old clothes and not wanting to spend lots of money on new clothes that I'm not going to be wearing for long.
Like Holly said, I'm frustrated that I'm not getting into the next size a soon as I'd like.

What is the best thing that happened to you?
Not being sad about the fact that our Lane Bryant is closing. Being able to buy jeans at Old Navy, bras and undies from Victoria's Secret and other fun stuff like that.

What made it different this time?

Again, like Holly, I never really tried to do anything about my weight prior to joining WW. I might have watched what I ate for a couple of weeks. But now I've made a committment to myself and the progress I've seen makes it worth it.

And what do you do to ward off becoming complacent?
Holly and I must be in some weight loss warp
I really got comfortable with the program I'm doing, and haven't really been losing much, I think I've only lost 15 pounds since August, but in those months I've dropped 2 clothes sizes, so somethings happening. I'm getting back to journaling now though, and hoping that I can start dropping at a somewhat steady pace again.

The other day I put together some pictures from throughout the year, and documented my progress, that was serious motivation!
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