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I think our bodies know what they want. It's our darn brains that get in the way! I used to constantly do things from a "should" (my brain) rather than a "want" (my body) perspective and it didn't work. Not that we don't need our brains but they can override our bodies so easily and force us to do things our bodies don't want.

I have avoided my yoga and weights during the time I've had this cold as my energy has been so low I barely make it through my workday. I've been sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee in those 20 minutes in the early morning instead. The first couple of times my brain raced off into all sorts of guilting - called me lazy, told me how I would lose all muscle tone, etc. etc.

By the third day my brain had calmed down and I was able to sit and enjoy watching the light change in the back garden as my cat purred beside me.

I will get back into the routine when I can properly breathe again - sometime next week probably. This has been a necessary and nice break from it all.


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