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Up .5 from last Friday, which I'm not going to worry about.

The goal this week is sleep. I tend to blame the glowing screen, but I used to keep reading in bed too late, an hour or more past when I'd planned to shut the book, so it's the same behavior, just with a different medium.

My lesson from the past week is when I really feel wiped out, so wiped out that even walking to the gym feels like it's about all I can do, then a workout is not going to re-energize me. Most of the time, it does, but this past week, on Wednesday evening, it wasn't mental fatigue from my job, it was physical fatigue, too. I ended up just walking on a treadmill, and was even tempted to hold onto the treadmill, like some of the older ladies at the gym. I would have been better of just resting at home at night, as long as that resting did not mean mindlessly eating everything in sight.

Now I know what the indicator lights for that particular condition look like.

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