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Well, the good thing about being sick when I got home is that this morning my scales were down. I even lost the 2 lbs I had gained plus a little more so I'm down to 226.2 lbs. I did the 5 lbs again and it took me 46 minutes instead of 45. It feels good to have it all done. Technically I'm actually done with my planned exercises for the week. However, I want to start doing Tai Chi, I've heard once a week is all you need to do of it. So I thought I would start it tomorrow. My son used to do it and tells me it will really do wonders. My doctor like the idea when I told him I wanted to do it. My son said that at this point in my exercising is a good time to start doing it.

My totals for today are 1775 Calories, 2103 mg sodium and 41 g fiber.

Pattience I think you are the one who talked about cooking split pea soup. And then I saw it made in The Flat Belly Diet book. So made it today. I just put different veggies that I wanted to put in it and made it. I ate half of it for lunch today and will have the other half tomorrow. Also bought some avocados at Costco yesterday and had 1/4 of one with my eggs this morning. I actually ended up eating on meatless meal today at lunch and I have to say I really enjoyed it and it has been good for my tummy too.

SteelsLady It is hard to find unsalted peanuts here, but I will have to look for it and try my hand at making my own. Did you use peanut oil? I wonder how it would taste with some other oil like coconut or olive oil.

Aleka & Sluggo

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