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Good evening gals. We had internet service down all day in our area and it just came back up a bit ago so I couldn't get in to post. I could have used my Ipad, but it takes too long so I decided just to wait.

I just sat and read mostly today. I stayed up too late last night and got up with Jack at 5 AM so I am kind of pooped today and dragging my feet. I did my chores and a load of laundry, took and shower, etc, but that was about it. The house is cleaned for the moment and we will go grocery shopping on Saturday this time as we are taking Thomas out to Owen Brennan's with his parents for Sunday brunch. They are pricey, but their food is really good and a nice variety of choices.

I did all my bill paying so that is done. Several things are auto pay so I just have to put them in my checkbook, but I paid the stuff online that had to be paid. We have direct tv, which I really like, but I hate their stupid website. It is hard to maneuver around and you have to make the screen 75% just to see the place where you sign in. It is a pain.

Jean: I saw on tv an advertisement for trash bags that have some type of smell on them that keeps raccoons out of your trash. I wonder if it would work for squirrels too. I know mint is used to detract some animals. Hope you had a good day today. We are raining cats and dog at the moment and supposed to rain all night.

Everyone have a good evening. Faye
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