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Hi all! Munchy steered me to this thread and after reading 1/2 way through all of the posts, I am SO grateful that she did. Will read the other 1/2 tomorrow and subscribing to it. Thanks, Munchy!

I am combining Intermittent Eating and Weight Watchers. I can see from reading all of your posts that the Volumetrics recipe ideas can really help me.

I am following the WW plan to learn a more balanced way of eating. I am an intermittent eater which means, for me, that I only eat one meal a day. I do this as it is better for my particular digestion and I am usually not hungry until after 4p. If I get hungry earlier, of course I do eat. Now integrating the Volumetrics theory into my woe will better enable me to follow the other two more effectively as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I too am a soup-lover. Oh, your ideas Munchy and Larry are so great. I have always added extra vegetables wherever I could, especially greens, to add nutritional value. As a family, we were lacto-uovo-pesco vegetarian for 3 years. So, I am well-versed in veg, but didn't even think of it bulking things up! Meal planning will be done a bit differently from now on.

Oh, the carrot/peanut soup sounds good and reminded me of the W. African Peanut soup that I make. Totally different taste, but the idea of pairing carrots and peanuts struck me deliciously. I am very much into Food Anthropology, so that works itself into my meals to make them more interesting. I'm from New England, live in Seattle and have worked my way into kitchens of home cooks and restaurants around the world. My husband is from USVI and NYC and we travel together whenever we can, so food diversity is paramount to us. We do like the heat in our food and have an abundance of hot sauces in our fridge. I'm going to have to dig through my recipes (I'm also the Seattle Budget Meals Examiner) to see what I can share that is appropriate for this thread. Below are two of my fave soup recipes:

Zucchini Squash Soup (learned this in Peru when I was on an Archeological dig)
Escarole and green olive soup with ditalini (Zuppa di scarola con ditalini) (Ate this a lot when I lived in Italy)

Tonight: Asian-style veg & pork saute with an emphasis on the veg. Rice noodles for the fam and Shirataki noodles for me.

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