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Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and we are in a wind advisory until 8:00 tonight. I wonder how "they" know the wind will slow down, or stop, at that time. This was my morning to work in the gift shop; I wasn't busy but saw several people I knew. I bought flowers and took them up to my co-bell ringer. The nurses were working on her so I didn't get to see her. I got a much needed hair cut after lunch, and will go to bell practice in a little while.

Susan -- What are you serving at your tea? We did have a raccoon visit a couple times this winter. We caught one in a live trap a few years ago and he was really mad. When Bob took him out in the country to let him go, he had rigged up some sort of pole to release the trap door. He put the cage on the ground and got up in the back of the pickup to open the door. He was afraid the coon would turn around and attack him. Fortunately, he just took foo running as fast as he could -- the coon, not Bob.

Maggie -- I don't envy you typing recipes. Good luck! Glad you like your new "do."

"Gma" -- It sounds like you have had a busy day " on the run." What a nice surprise to get the credits and be able to spend them on something you will enjoy. I'm so glad your numbers are moving in the right direction and hope you can get off the meds all together.

I need to change clothes and head off to church. Enjoy your evening!
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