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Morning all,
Didn't get to post yesterday. It was one of those hectic days where not a lot got finished but a **** of a lot got started and interupted. I finally managed to get one of the Business Reps to look at the documentation and verbally agree they were fine. So that was 6 documents off my plate. I am about to send out an email to the other recalcitrants telling them that since the functional consultant has okayed them, then they will be published regardless as we don't have the time to muck around anymore. Any changes will be made after go-live now only 21 days away.

Annie - best of luck for your interview although you have probably already had it. I think you would do quite well with catering management - it's not cooking but you certainly know your food. I guess you were into sales at that other place. So it shouldn't be too difficult to slot in.
Good to hear that Sam is coming right slowly. It can be a difficult thing to get over the baby blues. One of the blokes I work with has a wife who still from time to time gets the blues. Although I am beginning to think hers might be more suburban neurosis rather than baby blues as she is in Nelson and although her family is close, she is alone in the house with the baby much of the time and she doesn't like it.
Lovely pictures of the new babe. He looks like he is doing well.

Michelle - Sounds like the yoga class is doing well for you. Hopefully it will make you a lot more supple and give you some leeway for hiking. 99 bugs in the system hey??? Always something.

Ceejay - hope the draining and refilling went well. Sounds like a fun job NOT. I can understand the stress in that one.

Happy - Have to agree, spice blends ie. Morrocan seasoning or Tuscan seasoning contains a lot of salt and if you don't use them up quickly the salt cakes together and the whole lot goes hard.
I think the Indians smoke because they are nervous about their jobs. Sometimes with good reason. I just wish I could put a team together to show big business that is not cost effective doing things this way. How can it be when they have to do everything twice. When things are not ready by due date and the favourite saying is ' oh no, can't do that. It is not in scope. Will cost x$$$ to change scope'. Business buys these programs through sales people - both theirs and SAP's. Sales people have no idea how things work and SAP isn't exactly user friendly in it's 'Vanilla' state. End of rant.
The weather will get colder here. Frosts and low temps in the winter and wind and rain no doubt. I'm enjoying it for the time being, but it is getting on for time to go back. Sunday is with the DS2. She also seems to think it is time to go home.

Pattience - I have sort of an hour glass shape. Hips and bust about the same and smaller waist - although not as small as it used to be!!!! I generally wear trousers and tops to work and the tops I like best are those with plenty of room in them sort of like either on a yolk with gathered front and I like them to come down onto the hips and butt with a band. I do wear t-shirts but don't like them tight. Nothing worse than seeing all the rolls over and below the bra. I like my trousers with straight legs and fitting around the butt. I don't have much of a sticky out butt, its wide but flat, which makes fitting difficult. I do have a gut roll in the front which really annoys me, but it doesn't seem to want to go away. In dresses - which I don't wear often, I like them to fit in the shoulders (of which I have a sloping pair) and the bust and skim the rest without showing too many rolls etc. Sleeves - yeah well short or capped mostly since Queensland really doesn't have a winter as such. But I have 3/4 and long as well. My skin is still smooth enough to take them and the batwings aren't too bad. I'm a 16 verging on a 14. Although I have clothes in the wardrobe from a size 12 to a 20 and they all fit - go figure.

Laura - My push ups challenge finishes this week. Only 2 more days to go. Think I might do it again and add some of the abs challenge in as well. It might help to tone up some of this gut and the batwings.
Sorry to hear about Coals little trick. Lucky the man was okay with the cash and not about to get the council involved and possibly have the dog put down. You must have to be careful with the dog around children as well or is he okay when out of his territory?

Susie - Yeah, the boss is gone. Some peace and quiet for a change. Sounds like you are in for a bit of renovation with the painting and new workout room. Good stuff.
Love that the DH is taking a young lady shopping. Hope she doesn't come home with anything too sassy for the parents.
This weekend is my nieces birthday. We will all be going out to her place. Don't know what else is on the menu, however I will be trying out for another long walk, just not sure where this time. Might think about the Palliser Lakes, but that could be just a step too far. Have to check it out. Other than that, food shopping (although the list is not long this week) and some vegetating is on the menu.

Terra - keep up the walking. It's good for you. A pedometer will help to indicate how many steps you are doing, what the calories are, heart rates and whether you are improving your time/distance which is the ultimate goal.

Okay - back to work. Timing is whizzing past.
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