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My mom just texted me that she's heading to noodles and co (we have never had one in this state) and she wanted to buy me lunch.
So, I skipped breakfast and I'm keeping my lunch here in order to have this 230 calorie bowl of soup instead of my breakfast and lunch which would have totaled 289.

Today's plan is on the low side. I had a disgustingly high day at 1400 calories yesterday. I had super, super low calories all day (including my awful, boring dinner of basically iceberg lettuce at a restaurant), then my daughter ordered a kid's size 1-scoop mocha mud pie ice cream sundae. I just had to take a bite of that ice cream! I counted it as 200 calories, but who really knows.

Anyway, because my dinner was so paltry, I was still hungry...then my boyfriend came home with crab rangoon and Chinese buffalo wings (seriously the best thing ever in the world). 2 rangoons and 2 wings crossed these lips. I'm really going to have to get used to having him around, with his snacks and fried foods!

Today I'm starting fresh and making up for yesterday.

March 26, 2014
B: Hot tea w/lemon and agave (30) = 30 (.5)
S: None = 0
L: Thai curry soup (230) = 230 (5)
S: Baby carrots/cherry tomato (50) w/ light ranch (80) = 130 (2)
D: 2 quinoa/spinach patty (236) with picamayo (35), 1 cup green beans (35) = 306 (6)
S: None = 0
TOTAL: 696 (13.5)
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