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good to hear from u mainecyn!glad ur still doing good and binge free!having 2 apples is deffo more beneficial than just giving up and going 4junk in my opinion-iv managed to cut down on my fruit now,im only eating it if my bloodsugars r low otherwise i have a herbal tea instead!
there was actually a segment on tv yday morn about binge eating and how u should seek professional help 4it-my boyf dont believe it is a prob and all in my head and that theres no excuse 4 not stopping after '1bar of choc and a packet of crisps/chips'-which is wat the girl on tv said she binged on last night-in my previous binges iv had at least quadruple that amount!he dont understand it and refuses to believe its an addiction...thats fine tho ill try get thru it on my done 30days straight binge free so pleased with that!and iv lost 14lbs in that time so have been able to treat myself by going shopping with some gift vouchers i been saving!iv had a few days where i nearly gave in 2cravings but overcame them thank goodness!
looking forward to next mon and tues as going 4 meals with mum and boyf 4mothers day n his bday-bit scared about going off healthy eating 4 2days but im goin back on food plan straight after to lose watever i gain...then a week and a half after that we both going abroad 4summer to work so will have a few days off then as holiday then will work hard 4 any damage done-my theory is that surely as these treat days r planned im in control so its better than an unexpected emotional binge..?iv done this kind of regime b4 with goin to weddings etc wen i been on a diet so fingers crossednit all works out..!no harm in looking 4ward to enjoying myself with my loved ones!

have a good day everyone and stay positive :-)
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