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Originally Posted by Deana509 View Post
Hello all!
So, a while back I was posting about some emotional issues with loosing weight, and I have continued to experience these emotions. I had an interesting discussion with one of my friends who is about to graduate with a Masters in Psychology, and I was describing my emotions to her, and her comments really put it into perspective for me. She told me that part of the reason I may feel the way I do is that I have previously identified completely who I am with my weight, and being a bigger girl, and now that I have lost almost 90 lbs, I don't really know who I am, so I have to rediscover who I am within my new body. It will take some time, but I highly recommend if anyone feels the way I do to talk to someone, a friend, a mentor, or even a professional. I know with graduation lingering in a little over a month, and with a lot of emotional stuff that has happened to me this year so far, I took a courageous step in my life, and scheduled an appointment with the counselor here on campus... I thought, since I am going to be a psychologist, I should probably have the experience of going to one anyways
Just wanted to share whats going on in my life. Also thats part of the reason I havent been on here as much.
IP love to you all!
Great to hear from you Deana, I totally agree with your outlook on emotions and how the weight loss affects us. There's a lot more going on than shedding pounds... it comes off pretty fast with IP and it can be a lot to wrap our heads around (and emotions!!) Thanks for talking about this aspect of our journey!
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