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I tried to post yesterday but the site would not load. It was annoying.

This will be a short post. My Director is getting ready to leave for a 10 day vacation (praise the lord) but he is working me to death before he leaves. I worked until 6 last night, until 5:30 tonight and I just finished working from home for 2 hours and I"m getting ready to go to bed, but I wanted to get a quick post in.

Annie loved the pictures of the grandbaby , he is very cute and to hear that he has red hair! I LOVE red-head babies...I was one of them! Also congrats on the 15 lbs gone!

Happy: I hope you can get the vertigo under control soon. That has to be awful to deal with every day.

Michelle: I will PM you tomorrow with the name of the shakes

Pattience: I have to try on all my clothes as I never know what is going to look good.

Laura: Good luck with the goals discussion. I have that coming up..will be due end of June. I should get busy with it. I do have a file that I through things in to help me remember what I did for the year. It's just the "creative" writing we have to do with tht info. We can list them, we have to write content around them.

Ceejay; I have no idea what all is involved with draining a ground storage tank but I would like to know! I hope you can recover quickly from the stress of it.

Hi Terra and Shad.

Ok..I'm out of here for some shut-eye. See you all tomorrow.
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