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Glynne/Gayle - I totally remember you too. Here we are, 10 years later! (And I updated my profile pic, avatar, and signature. Yeah!)

So, I'm taking the first steps. Last night I attended the introduction class at Kaiser (which is my insurance and healthcare provider in one, here in California). My doctor then made the referal and I will attend a 3 hour orientation, hopefully next week. Then they will schedule me to meet with the surgeon to be individually evaluated.

Last night at 5 pm, I weighed 290... so, my BMI is about 47. I also recently developed high cholesterol (which my doctor said could be related to my thyroid issues because that affects receptors, but still. I got put on Lipitor). So I know I definitely meet the qualifications. It would then be fully covered by insurance (with a hospital stay deductible).

From the research I've been doing and the reading of lots of people's posts (here and on a Facebook group called "Sassy Sleevers"), I've decided I would like to go with the Gastric Sleeve procedure. It's got less issues with the malabsorbtion aspect, significantly less "dumping", and over 3-5 years the limited research they have done (because it is newer) shows the long term weight loss is similar to the RNY. We'll see if the surgeon agrees that I am a candidate for it.

Recently, with the last 30 lbs of weight gain or so, I've become physically miserable. I can barely get my own shoes fastened and once I do, I'm usually sweating. I can't always properly wipe myself (TMI, I know). One small flight of stairs kills me. Walking the dog hurts my back. I wake up with aching hips every morning.

This is no longer about vanity. It's about reclaiming my health. The Holly of 2006-2012 was running HALF MARATHONS. The Holly of 2013-2014 can barely walk one mile.

I used to get myself kick started by exercising first and the healthy eating would follow. Now I can't exercise like I used to. It's just not working for me anymore. Plus with no thyroid, just controlled by medication (which, it IS now controlled, at least the numbers say it is), I've got a resting metabolic rate that is pretty much tanked. The lowest of the low. I think I need a smaller stomach to match up with my very low metabolism.

My best friend asked me this week, "so this is what you want?" and my answer was "Yes. Except it's not that I really WANT it, it's what I NEED to get my life back."

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