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Originally Posted by CoolMom75 View Post
Does anyone else share my ability to abuse healthy food?
Yep - back when I was in my very early 20's I had a binging problem, but since I lived alone, I had very little food that had calories. I binged on cucumbers, frozen vegetables, etc. I once ate an entire carton of just the egg whites and another time I baked slices of onion and ate those. I never gained weight, but it was just this uncontrollable feeling of shoveling food in when I was stuffed. That's why I didn't have foods in my house that could make much of a caloric dent!

I haven't really binged in probably 10 years, but I can easily overeat all of my meals (which are always healthy). That's one of the many reasons why freezing 1 cup portions of soup and 1.5 cup portions of chili and stew are awesome for me. I wouldn't heat up a second serving, but I would grab a few more spoonfuls from the pot if it was available.

On the same note, I love cooking things in muffin tins because they're all portioned out for me and I can just take one serving out (chicken pot pie, shepherd's pie, chicken divan, meatloaf, lasagna cups, crustless quiche, etc).
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