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Yay, w7d1 is done!!

It was a gorgeous morning, probably one of the last chilly ones we'll have as far South as I am. I'm going to really miss cool morning runs. Our highs will be 100* (f) or more all summer with the overnight lows only dipping into the upper 70s/low 80s. Yuck. I hate to run when it's too warm. I sweat buckets and come in looking like someone tossed me in a swimming pool. Nasty.

So, with the lovely brisk weather as encouragement the kiddo and I had a great 26 min run. We had to run the extra minute to make it around the corner of the road (visible goal). ��

I really can't believe how much stronger I feel. The difference between week 5 and the last couple weeks is like night and day. I am still running easy and slow, but it feels great instead of miserable like in earlier weeks. Even the tendons above my year old ankle fracture weren't too grouchy today. I taped the living day lights out of my ankle. I'm becoming a big fan of KT Tape. It seems like with just a little support the tendons go from painful and angry to mildly sore and grumpy and finally give up and relax about a mile in. I tell ya, I miss being young and broken parts free! Ha!

Elladorine, running is such a head game. It really is. I used to be able to go out and knock out 4.5 miles at a 10-11 minute per mile pace and still feel hyped up and ready to go. Now I'm like 'HOW did I do that!? I'll never be able to do that again'. Of course, 7 weeks ago running for 25 minutes seemed impossibly hard and yet here I am. All along I've just kept telling myself to try. Just get out there and try. Odds are, you'll finish just fine. Even if you don't, try again and you eventually will. Repeating is just fine. Really though we're all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Just gotta tell the old brain to hush and get with the program sometimes. ��

MagicSusan, I love zombies! There's a Zombie 5K mud run in the fall that my son and I are thinking about doing. It looks like so much fun. My 11 year old daughter came for a walk with us the other night. She's built like a 'runner'. Tall, lean, mile long legs. Nothing like me!!! She was running to street corners and back for the fun of it. I think some people are just built to run effortlessly, and then some (uh hum, me) have to work really hard to make running not totally suck. ��

AwShucks, I'm right there with ya on the not even close to 5K. My 13 year old and I were laughing about that today. We did 2 miles in 26 minutes. Yeah, not gonna magically run the last 1.1 mile in the remaining 4 minutes! But we will run for 30 minutes straight when the time comes and I'm totally good with that. We'll get to a full 5k in our own time. Slow and steady is a good thing. So much better than sitting on the couch.

Lilmiss, if the run is feeling too hard slow down. Speed will come later. Build your 'base' (duration and mileage) first and speed will come as your body gets stronger. If you push too hard for speed at first you're more likely to hurt yourself. I know it seems like you're cheating almost if you go slow and easy. You're not though. What you'll find is that slow and easy keeps getting faster and faster. I went from a 15 min mile to an average of an 11 min mile when I was running a lot before. I'm sure it would have gotten faster if I hadn't gotten in an accident and had to stop. I never trained for speed, ever. I focused completely on adding distance. I got faster without trying simply because my body got stronger. So go easy, enjoy these runs and let the speed come later!

Keep running y'all!
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