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These are the days that WP are made for! It is part of the plan, it is well within where you're supposed to be to use those.

You hit the high points - making sure you're eating plenty of protein and trying to fill up on fruits and veggies. Make sure you're drinking plenty of non-caloric fluids. (Yes, of course, water is best.) Keeping your hands busy is good, too.

Are you hitting your daily guidelines? Specifically, healthy oils? It is an easy one to skip, I am guilty of that all the time. Fat can help satisfy. (Peanut butter, nuts, seeds, mayo, oils.) If you are careful to measure and are within your WP there is no harm. Fat has unfortunately gotten a bad rap in the dieting community when truly the right *kinds* of fat make all the difference.
(Take a look: )

Make sure you're hitting your other healthy guidelines. I'm guessing you are, but thought I would mention it.

If you're having a particular craving, find a sensible way to fill it. Sugar free chocolate pudding is one fallback of mine, sometimes I will dip a banana into it. Or a tablespoon of almond butter (or peanut butter) on a banana, heated.

Other than that I'm out of ideas and will keep an eye on this thread. I too have days (on plan or off) that it seems there is a hole where my diaphragm is, and my gut is empty and hungry.
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