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As you transended from plus size to regular size did you experience any suprises, disappointments, frustrations?

i was super excited. i sort of laugh at lane bryant any time i walk by. which is mean, it was a great sore to me. and like shiela, i have this great top that it waaaaay too big but i am keeping it and maybe i can alter it or something. frustrations... just that i'm not to the next size smaller yet.

What is the best thing that happened to you?

i'm starting to feel comfortable. i can sit on david's lap with out (ok, with less) fear of damage. i bounce around a little more. i don't feel everyone staring at me.

What made it different this time?

david made me realize that i had never really tried. i'm unlike some of you in that i haven't been on a bunch of diets and gained again. i think i wrote down what i ate one week while i was 17 or something. didn't count calories though. and i'd occasionally drink a slim fast. cuz you know, one can might make me lose! but this time, i actually committed to doing it and learning about what i had to do to do it right.

And what do you do to ward off becoming complacent?

this is a bad question for me to answer because it's how i feel right now. i am just keeping it going as best i can. every day i slip, but i start over the next day. it's all i can do. and then i try to think, hey, i'll just stay this weight, i'm much thinner than i ever was... but i know, deep down, that i'm still too flabby for my own liking. so i keep on.

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