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Good Morning! It's still dark so I have no clue what the sun will do today. It's a tad warmer at 20 degrees. I've been awake since 2 AM and would love to go back to bed. Bob was coughing and my nose was stuffed up. I finally got up and came downstairs thinking I could sleep in the recliner. I set the alarm on my cell phone and never did go to sleep. I went back to bed and remembered I'd forgotten to turn the phone alarm off so watched the clock go around for another hour. I hate nights like that! My plan for the day is to count money and take a nap!

"Gma" -- Sorry the donuts didn't set so well yesterday. I'm glad the jewelry is a keeper and you like it. My washer works on other cycles; my biggest complaint is I hate seeing 1" of water in the tub and the manufacturer thinks the clothes get clean. I'm just glad our clothes aren't all that dirty.

I need to get dressed and have breakfast. Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!

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