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Oh, Wow! w4d1

The mystical Monday magic continues! I was a bit worried about today's run (especially when I woke up and it was snowing! That's another good thing about running in the forest- most of the snow was still up on the branches, and the gravel/moss/pine needles/whatever is rough enough that slipping was not really a danger. I know several of you could sing songs about how getting an injury will set you back!

Anyway, I did it. I was really shocked! Three minutes nearly killed me on Friday but today, four minutes was a total dawdle! To be fair, I may have been instinctively running (even) slower than usual because of the patches of snow and mud, I don't know, but I really felt great, so I calling it a win .

Elladorine, I totally understand your anxiety (just check out my past posts, ) but so far, this program is really working for me! I keep surprising myself! Oh, and ditto on the weight loss. It's certainly not the only goal. It's just a pretty cool bonus

BigChiefHoHo, I can't wait to hear how w4d1 went for you- it's so cool that we are on the same schedule! You're my inspiration not to let it slide while I'm on holiday! About the goat babies, I saw a deer on my way home from the forest the other morning! They occaisionally come down from the forest, but this one looked confused and bolted into a driveway/garden up the street from my house. Poor thing must have got lost. Anyway, running outside really makes me tick. Checking out clumps of mistletoe that were knocked down by the storm we just had. I'm a nature geek at heart. :

Tafadhali, My daughter has also just taken up running. She's using the zombie app and enjoying it. Actually, I'm trying to get her to slow down a little- run every other night, instead of every night. She's been feeling exhausted, and I think it's the lack of recovery time. Sorry you've been having trouble with your ankles again, but thanks for the encouraging words about longer runs. I'm really looking forward to them with a mixture of excitment and trepidation!

See you all on Wednesday, If I survive w4d2

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