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CeeJay, I'm the opposite. If I start avoiding the scale, it's because I don't want to deal with the results of my poor choices. I was 286.5 this morning. I have got to start walking and using my bike more regularly. We did a lot of walking yesterday and stair climbing. When did I become an old person with clicky knees??? Anyway, good on you for doing so well!

ShelBl, I'm sorry things are so hard at work.

Our farmers' market has everything and it is less expensive than cage free, grass fed at the grocery. I don't really like to eat meat so I'm always trying to get by without cooking it. My family is not convinced. We end up eating a lot of pasta and rice with vegetables or beans or whatever is in season. I LOVE trying new things but my husband and kid are not so adventurous. Have you tried Pinterest for ideas?

My goal is to drag myself DIRECTLY to a WW meeting as soon as I put my kid on the bus Tuesday morning. It will be a race to get there, but all of the times are inconvenient for me in one way or another, might as well go early and get it out of the way. I would like to be in the 270s by Easter, which is totally reasonable if I would just stop messing around.
1st Goal: 274 - 4/13/17 2nd Goal: 261 - 5/21/17
3rd Goal: 248 - 7/8/17 4th Goal: 234

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