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Default Fellow eating disorder people?

Over the years, the motivation of weight loss has turned into a drive once I reached close to my maintenance level. The past three months I have found myself in a mixture of binds. Some of the cases have been me only eating one meal every day for about 2 months, and then the past week I ended up binging about three times. Yes, I did beat myself up over it. I am happy with the clothing size I can finally fit into, after being obese my entire life, but I've noticed despite the smaller clothes, my eating habits are totally off-balance. It's like I have forgot how to eat small meals throughout the day, and I'm not sure anyone when I am hungry or just bored. There are also periods where I think that if I keep eating I will gain all the weight back. When I eat I stick mostly to 1,500 calories a day with exercise, and I have a pretty bad habit of measuring every little thing whether carrots, meat, tomatoes, cucumbers... It's tiresome and I wish that I could just eat visually-portioned meals without having to worry about gaining the weight back! (In case you are wondering, yes I am in the process of seeing a therapist.)

The past three days I did a pretty big binge. First day I ate around 3,500 calories, second day around 7,500 calories, and third day around 7,500 calories. I ate about a block of cheese, 12 eggs, 2 tubs of yogurt, 13 protein bars, 8oz of pork, a whole dish of bean dip, a loaf of bread, etc. None of it was sugary food, but I know a binge is still considered a binge. I did double exercise each day out of guilt, and my stomach is paying for it right now. I've been bloated and my body is swollen all over from water retention. One the plus side, during those couple of days my mood was better than it's been in months and I felt like I had a lot of energy. For now, I've been drinking a lot of water to try and flush out my system...

I'm mainly posting here to hear stories from other people, and if they were similar, how they got themselves to eat back on track and schedule.

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