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I will apologize in advance for rambling which I will try to keep to a minimum.

Shad is right - I am under a lot of stress myself right now. A lot of money going out the door, my own frustrations at the amount of money I pay for insurance and the minimal amount they are covering, leaving me with a lot of continual expenses. This is dredging up some deep seated, long simmering anger about both DH and I being unceremoniously dumped from long and successful careers to fend for ourselves and I am working extremely hard to not become depressed about the pain and mobility issues I have been dealing with for the last 8 months. To add to it, vertigo came back with a vengeance at yoga Thursday. Not just slightly disorienting, but punch me in the face, eyes clicking, head spinning, unable to stand up and nauseated to the point of almost losing it vertigo. Not sure where this came from as I was lying quietly on a mat and got up to move when it hit so hard. And it's sticking around. It should also come as no surprise to those of you who may know me that save for a few, this once social creature has become increasingly disappointed in humans and generally accepted behavior in today's society. I am tired of the Kardashians plastered every where I look. I am tired of a society that does not have respect for others or tolerance of another's views. And I am really tired of internet trolls who continue to interject political rants on subjects that have nothing to do with politics. I am tired of the almost venomous attitude of people up this way who can't defend their position with actual facts. This country is in trouble no doubt - but it took way more than one man and his family to make it happen. It pains me because this started as a good concept. People were foregoing health care because they cannot afford it or they were over burdening the hospital emergency rooms in a desperate effort to see a doctor. It wasn't right, it wasn't good and it wasn't practical. So let's try to find a way to fix it so that anyone who needs medical care can get it. And in an Oscar winning example of "no good deed goes unpunished" - here we are today. A total clusterbuck. Don't blame one unless you blame them all. And I had hoped that this place here would be a welcome respite from all that stuff going on outside these walls. After all, we are chubby, not too flexible and our diets suck - don't we have bigger fish to fry???? (as I proof this I realize this statement is rather ironic from someone who just stated she is chubby and has a lousy diet... )

So I respectfully request for my sanity as well as everyone else's that we keep to the suggested guidelines that Shad suggested - and further that we agree to ban any Kardashian/Miley Cyrus Tongue Wagging/or any mention of that gawd awful term "baby bump" from our threads. Thank you.

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