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Originally Posted by BlueHorse17 View Post
I feel pretty bad because yesterday I ended up doing about an 8,000 calorie binge (second time I've ever binged - first tie was three days ago and I ate 7,000 calories) and now my stomach is paying for it today. It wasn't through candy though, so I guess it could be worse. I ended up eating about 8oz of pork, 12 eggs, 5 peanut butter sandwiches, 3 sausages, a block of cheese, a tub of greek yogurt, and then some. I also did double workout out of guilt. I'm currently 119 lbs so I'm hoping I didn't gain too much. Should I just continue with proper eating and exercise today or should I fast you think? I've been receiving multiple opinions. Also, how long do you think it will take before my body does show the weight gain? Should I do double exercise? I have been drinking a lot of water today to try and flush out some of the water weight.

Please note that two years ago I was 245 lbs, and lost weight through good eating and daily exercise. The past 3 months I was only eating one meal a day, a heavy meal of mostly veggies, but the calories added up to 1,500. I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder because I keep thinking that if I eat I will gain the weight back.
You are saying that you never binged before until a few days ago. If you fast, you are more likely to set yourself up to binge again. What you've described seems to be a pretty common reaction to dieting. Apparently our brains are wired to urge us to store up food after periods of starvation (dieting). It's a survival mechanism and has nothing to do with will power or self-discipline. You can learn to over-ride the urge to binge and it isn't all that difficult, especially if you prevent it from becoming an entrenched habit. Meanwhile, I agree with the other posters who say to put it behind you and start fresh. Avoiding hunger will help, too.

There are some good books out there to help. I liked Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen. The author cured herself of bulimia and her method works for binge eating too.

Huge congratulations on your success! If you could make all those healthy changes, then you surely have whatever it takes to solve this bump in the road.

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