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I'm going to chime in because the weight watchers portion control approach never worked for me. Ironically I did have to go cold turkey. I had an insulin production problem. Too much bread, pasta, potatoes, made me hungry all the time. I was a slave to my hunger.

It was hard to transition away. But once I got my body chemistry under control my hunger went away. I guess you need to expirement. I never thought I could give up the stuff I did. But I could because the act of cutting them out literally changed my insulin levels to where I didn't crave them anymore.

Patience's approach above would never work for me. I think she meant 55% carbs. If you are insulin resistant to any extent that will keep insulin virtually always present. Your body will prefer carbs to use as fuel since it knows they will always be there and will store calories as fat and it will be hard to burn stored fat.

When you drop your carbs, your body has no choice but to burn its stored fat. It is called becoming fat adapted. Yes it's real and yes it does work for many.

But many people do great on portion control. Different ways to peel an onion.

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