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Here are some facts to consider:

You're at a weight where you can be very healthy now.

Bodyfat percentage means very little and BMI is meaningless.

Diet and lifestyle determine health at your weight and smaller. Moderate exercise 3 times a week and stress regulation combined with a solid diet is really the keys to health.

Where I am going with this is that any weight you lose now is just for vanitys sake. What is interesting is that the last few lbs are the ones that make the most difference when it comes to how we look. Going to 160 will probably do more for how you look than 220 to 180 did.

My advice is that if you want to lose more, go ahead and do it. I would speculate that unless you have some unusual genetics it shouldn't be too hard to get to 160. After that I think you'll start to find it a bit more challenging but I could be wrong about either of these.
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