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I accomplished W1D3 last night, feeling really good once I got home. I'm anxious to step things up a notch when I start W2 tomorrow!

Originally Posted by Magicsusan View Post
Elladorine, it might actually not be such a bad thing that you don't have a jogging stroller- just my 2c, and don't get me wrong, I adore my three girlies and love spending time with them, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for your family to get used to you having a bit of "me" time to do what you need to do for your health, know what I mean? Just thinking it shows you respecting your self and your needs and sets a good example for them... Just sharing a thought, not telling you what to do...
Oh, I totally get what you're saying there! I really do enjoy having that time to myself and it's definitely something I want to hang on to, but I'd also like the option of being able to take him with on occasion. For example, I walk to the store a lot these days when I'm home alone with the baby, and once I get more into this whole jogging thing I wouldn't mind being able to speed things up a bit! I've also made it clear to the hubby that I need a certain amount of "me" time regardless, and I definitely want to set a good example for my son as he gets older. Having a stroller suitable for jogging will give me more options on down the road.

Originally Posted by Magicsusan View Post
Oh! And about the weight gain; I googled that ("started running, gained weight") because I had that too for the first several weeks after I started. There's quite a few articles about how your body tends to hold water to help with all the new muscle construction and repair... after 3 weeks, I suddenly lost nearly a kilo. YMMV.
Thanks for the info, that totally makes sense. Weight loss is a major goal of course, but I'm doing my best to push for fitness and strength! If the weight loss has to take a little stall in the meantime, so be it. it's just a number anyway and I mainly want to feel (and look!) better.

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