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Hi, everyone.

Week 3, Day 3.

Well, I lived to tell the tale, and now I guess I'll just have to have faith in my app. I don't see how I'm going to cope with the coming increases- the jump from 2.5 to 3 minutes already takes everything I've got, but I'll just keep trying. I find it intimidating, though.
Silverfire, I may not be making much progress soon either. I plan to stick with it, but between my upcoming hols and the bigger increases, I just hope not to backslide in the next couple of weeks...

Elladorine, it might actually not be such a bad thing that you don't have a jogging stroller- just my 2c, and don't get me wrong, I adore my three girlies and love spending time with them, but I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for your family to get used to you having a bit of "me" time to do what you need to do for your health, know what I mean? Just thinking it shows you respecting your self and your needs and sets a good example for them... Just sharing a thought, not telling you what to do...
Oh! And about the weight gain; I googled that ("started running, gained weight") because I had that too for the first several weeks after I started. There's quite a few articles about how your body tends to hold water to help with all the new muscle construction and repair... after 3 weeks, I suddenly lost nearly a kilo. YMMV.

Tafadhali, lol on the first mile being the worst; I am "running" so slowly, I'm not sure how much ground I'm really covering. Have you ever seen Four Weddings and a Funeral? That scene where they're late (again) and are walking so fast they overtake the joggers? That's me, jogging. Thanks for the encouragement on the longer runs- I'm still nervous, but I'm going to try. Farm country also sounds nice! I grew up in VA and I miss it sooooo much. Actually, flat also also sounds nice, because even though I've found an area of the forest that is flatish, it's still a challenge getting up a slight rise.

BigchiefHoHo, I look forward to your posts because we are on the same schedule. I found W3D3 HARD. I did it, but I was really struggling at the end of the second 3min run. I was doing okay with the breathing, but my legs just felt so heavy. There were no comfortable strides, ha! How did you get on? I'm looking forward to Monday, I always seem to have the most energy then.

AwShucks, I can't wait for those days. Right now it's still such a struggle, building strength, building stamina. I've had a tantalizing glance of what it's like to be a "runner," so I look forward to it, but I'm weeeeaaaak...

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