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Totals today 1738 calorie 32 g fiber

Aleka I'm learning what foods my glucose likes/dislikes, but now I really need to get the sodium down. I do use some processed foods which probably are the problem. My problem these days is that if I can't prepare and cook it in about 30 minutes, I want to get processed. I know that I'm probably going to have to change that. I used to cook almost everything from scratch, but DH is so picky and doesn't like a lot of foods I like so I'm bad about cooking quick foods. My 1st 2 hubbies (both deceased) would eat just about anything and the 2nd husband always told people that I was a great cook and he loved to eat. Said if he could keep me in the kitchen that he would eat all the time. So it was a big change for me when I married dear Tony who doesn't like much of anything except fast food.

Pattience I absolutely love goats milk and drank it years ago. No comparison to any other milk, but I can't afford it. There was a lady back home in TX raised goats and sold fresh milk and I got hooked on it. It was $6 a gallon then. No telling what it costs now if I could even find a goat farm. I've not tried the goats milk from grocery mainly because when my Grandmother had to drink it back when I was a teen, it stunk. I would hate to spend the kind of money in the store for it and then not be able to drink it especially with it being so expensive. It is also an excellent drink/help for people with stomach/digestive problems. Your split pea soup sounds so good and I need to make some of it myself. I read today that it is good to eat soup before a meal and I do get tired of salads all the time. I always loved salads and I don't want to get burned out on them.

SteelsLady I don't think we would ever ask you to stop posting. I like the others always learn so much from you. I too love our little group because we do share things and I hope what I share helps others as much as what y'all share helps me. Thanks for the list of diuretic foods. That is very helpful I already use some of them and I will be using some others from the list.

I used to juice and I used to wonder about some of the pulp that we threw away since a lot of the nutrition is in the skin like carrots. I not only got tired of cleaning all that off the blades of the juicer, but decided that I really needed the vitamins etc that was going down my garbage disposal. I have a Magic Bullet and probably will do some smoothies/shakes when spring fruits and veggies come on the scene. We have a local Farmers Market that opens in May and it will be nice to be able to purchase local fresh foods that hopefully will be healthier than the GMO foods or those sprayed with poison.

I'm hoping to get some of the list of foods that have been shared and the suggested foods others are eating will help me cut down on some of the sodium. I'm over on my calories today, but usually keep them within my allowed calories and I've got the fiber in a good place now, but I need to get the sodium in check.

Y'all have a good evening.
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