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Good Morning! It's a cloudy morning with just a slight breeze blowing my wind chimes. Snow is predicted for later this afternoon and evening. I'm glad my turn hosting card club is over; now to wash and put away the dishes I left stacked on the counter last night. I need to count the gift shop money and get that to the bank this morning.

Maggie -- I am really tired of having a nice spring type day, and then back to crappy winter weather for several days. That is such a tease! What brand of diet root beer do you like! I usually buy A & W, but there is another brand that we find in soda fountains that we like. I can see the symbol but don't remember the name.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry your necklace was too short and had to be sent back. One of the ladies at card club has the prettiest necklace and matching earrings. I won't try to describe them but she had on a burgundy top; the jewelry was silver with burgundy sparkles. A girl who has been Jason's buddy since junior high days, had breast reduction surgery. I hadn't seen her in years but never thought she was "big." She's tall but not fat. Her mom had breast cancer so wonder if that had anything to do with her decision. The pineapples came a couple days after we got home. Bob has them delivered to the office and got rid of 5 of them there. We delivered 2 on our way to the funeral, and Beth's where she works on our way to Ian's scout shindig. I've been buying fresh pineapple at the store but it's definitely not Maui grown!

I am dressed but need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday!
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