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Lilian, i am very glad to hear you are not giving up. On us or on the fibre. Its a good decision.

steelslady, thanks for your kind words. I think you must be a very sweet person.

Shame about your friend needing to take laxatives daily. I feel scared of the idea of doing something like that. I don't know why really because i have to take my meds every day. For a while when my diet wasnt so good i did try psyllium fibre which is a food type laxative if you like with no calories. But ultimately i got sick of that. i't sure bugs me that i can't go to the loo as readily as everyone else who's eating as well as me. Oh of course i never have any trouble when i'm not dieting because then there's so much crap in my system, it can't help but come out, right? sorry that's probably too much information.

I can't remember what i said in my last post and i'm rather too lazy to go back and look.

Anyway two days in a row i started a new brekky, as we say in Australia, in order to get more protein coming in. And i'm loving it but i don't know how long i will be able to keep on doing it. Usually out of laziness i need to return to cereal-in-bowl-with-milk type breakfast. But for now i'm trying as hard as i can to make my food balance as best as possible. So i'm having one fried egg on one wholegrain toast with a smidgeon of butter.

And second course is 1/2 cup of the best quality yoghurt i can find - that means the only one that does not put cream in it and which is not low fat. (our dairy food industry has basically been ruined by the low fat trend that we've had to put up with for some time now.) Oh yes, so yoghurt with a pear and 1tsp of sunflower seeds.

I tell you that last little bit was so yummy i was highly tempted to go back for more. BUT I DIDN'T.

And of course coffee with goats milk. I"m making a slight switch from lots of cows milk and less yoghurt to lots of yoghurt and some goats milk. its quite pricey so i don't really want to consume more than 1 litre a week - i.e. five times the price of cows milk here. I'll probably consume a cup of goats milk a day or a bit more. I like to keep my dairy up for the calcium.

Today i made another split pea soup. I made a good discovery about it. Its a great way to use up vegies that are starting to fade. So at the last minute i added the rest of last weeks bunch of celery and two carrots. I hate to say it but i am guilty of normally throwing lots of food out. Maybe now i can manage it better.

So food today is, briefly,

fried egg on toast with yoghurt and pear and seeds
bean salad including leaves and celery and tomato, fetta and walnuts
pea soup including onion, celery carrot
coffee all day and a bit of water
glass of wine like about now
must walk the dog today and then
choir tonight - haven't done enough practice.
got a new credit card to help me resolve some financial issues
did a tiny bit of sewing so

all up i'm coming better than last few weeks when things have been messy. This means its probably coming round time to me focusing on a calorie deficit again.
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