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Default Struggling when life gets busy

Back in July of last year, I began my journey when I saw a picture from my partner's and my summer vacation where we both had finally reached our heaviest weights. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe how much I had let my health go.

We started our lifestyle change and it was going great! We made it to Sept. and both felt wonderful. I was down to 218 from 240 and was really feeling motivated by the visible results I was seeing. Then the real test came in when I began going back to school and my life got busy. I started going back to my old habits. Soon enough I was comfort feeding again and blaming it on stress or life changes.
Back in January of this year, Jason and I began round 2. We found a gym that was very close to home, decided it was enough of the excuses. We were going 3 times a week, having fun with it until a convention both of us work on came around, and life got another dose of busy. Once again, we got stuck in horrible habits again.

Now, Im sitting here, trying to figure out how I can deal with this. Im looking for tips on how to manage this when life gets rough. I do great when I have time to make sure i eat healthy and time to make sure I go work out. But when the stress starts rolling in, my brain seeps back into it's old familiar patterns and I begin to make excuses for myself. Any and all help is totally appreciated!

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