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My DH had it for about 36 hours
He did propel, broth, & tea until those would stay down. I got him some seltzer water but he ended up not drinking it.
I made him some jello at one point (IP-friendly would be made with plain, unsweetened koolaid, Knox unflavored gelatin, & Splenda)

He's a low carber (not as low as IP) but everything he had woulda worked on IP. If the food won't stay down, you obviously can't eat it.

When he added "food" back in, it happened slowly. The comfort foods we've been given in the past aren't necessary. When either of us have been sick like this, we've done it without past comforts, because we know those items really aren't good for us.

Sleep a lot! I got him some pepto pills.
The D part of it has hung on longer, but at least he could eat again after a day or so!

No carbs will fix it. Stick with the fluids until the tummy settles.

So sorry!
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