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S/C/G: Going from chubby to not


Hi Karin I try not to eat any of my weeklies and none of my exercise. I want to lose every week, and I know my body I won't lose, or only lose 1/2 lb a week. I do use some of the extra weeklies if I plan on going out to dinner and know I have a few days to burn them off before WI. Crazy I know.

Just keep in mind, as you lose weight, your points will go down, so try not to be used to using all of your points if you don't have to. jmo

"Hey your pants are falling down" said my friend to me. Yay! I'm gonna keep wearing them until they are down to my ankles. Goodbye size 16 jeans forever!

Have a great evening all!
My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013
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