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Pattience - Thanks for the link and also for the recipe. I love split pea soup and since I have to be careful with the salt, homemade would be better.

I am amazed how this is beginning to fall together for me. I'm using the Intuitive Eating principles. When hungry, eat whatever you really want (I do make my choices from Fiber such as grains, fruits and veggies and then Protein. I am trying to learn to eat only as much as I need to be satisfied and then stop. Haven't mastered it completely, but I am happy to say that I am eating fairly reasonable amounts of calories and fiber. Today my calories were 1373 and fiber was 52g. I am so very pleased.

I too have problems with my weight going up and down because of the sodium. I do eat some processed foods, but do try to watch to keep the sodium under 2300 g although I don't always make it.

I get so wiped out when we go out to eat in restaurants or fast food places that it has almost taken the pleasure out of going out. I have read that although they aren't supposed to use msg in those places that they actually do. I am thinking that is what makes me so tired. Of course, I have added more fiber into my diet quicker than I had intended so that could be some of the problem too. I don't know. I've never tried to find out what all happens when you go too fast. However, I think my system is starting to adjust to it pretty good. My weight was even back down under 230 this morning. Now I just hope I can keep it and keep going down. Fasting blood sugar has not been back down to 118, but it is not going up over 160s any more. I know more exercise will help that, but didn't feel like doing as much as I usually do the past few weeks. However, I did do 4 days this week instead of 3 on the recumbant bike and I actually did almost 4 miles 2 days. It sure made me feel a lot better about myself when I did. I was talking on the phone and did it before I realized it.

Well I'm tired so I'm going to close for tonight.
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