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I've become a daily weigher since starting IP. The scale I used to use was wildly inaccurate and needed lots of fiddling in order to work at all. Needless to say, it was frustrating to use. I would easily get disappointed and distressed by the numbers when I was trying to lose weight on my own.

Then I started IP and weighing myself somehow stopped bothering me. The little differences from day to day no longer had an impact on how I felt. When I went in for my 1st weigh in, I ended up with a different person doing my measurements. She didn't pull as hard as the coach who did my initial measurements, and I found out that they had nothing on hand to tell me my body fat %. I didn't want the weekly official weigh in & measurements done by different people to be my only gage of my progress, especially as I can only go in during the mid to late afternoons. So I splurged on a fancy new scale. It is the kind that breaks down body fats, muscle %, and gives a body age. I plan on keeping up with daily weigh ins, and doing the full body scan stuff the morning of my official weigh in. With multiple sources of information, surely I will be able to find something about my progress to get excited about! I am counting on this scale to keep me on track once I go into maintenance (and that I can get my body age at or below my actual age)
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