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Finished w2d3 yesterday, and I'm feeling more-or-less ready for week three. I'm thinking that I might do the distance option instead of the time option (I mean, "run 1/4 mile then walk 1/4 mile" instead of "run 3 minutes then walk 3 minutes" or whatever it is), since I'm doing it on the treadmill and can see exactly how far I've gone. That'll make me run for longer, which is scary, but I think it might prepare me better for my 5k at the end of next month. Anybody else try doing it that way?

magicsusan - I'm with you about the pre-workout food! I think it WAS the lack of food that made me feel so puny for w2d2, because I made sure to have a banana before doing w2d3 and I felt a lot stronger. Good luck with week 3!

Congrats on the 25 minutes, AwShucks! I know what you mean about running with spectators... On the occasions when I run outside, I walk almost forty minutes to get to a secluded trail so no one can see me run. I don't mind exercising in front of people at the gym, because we're all in it together there, y'know? But I'm really nervous about running in front of non-working-out people.

Welcome, Tafadhali! I'm doing this for the second time too. Last time I did it, it worked great and I got to running 3-5 miles three or four days a week. It was awesome. But then I moved and got busy and got pregnant again, so here I am doing it for the second time.

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